Most common online marketing mistakes and how to solve them


Nowadays more and more professionals who are dedicated to Digital Marketing see how business requesting for online training and coaching are increasing because they want to manage their own resources, both in terms of community management and digital marketing. They want to understand what they are doing wrong and how to correct it themselves.

This new trend of having an online marketer in-house is due in large part to today communication and digital marketing that is permanently evolving and is now part of all business marketing strategy. This can be a really good thing if you know how to use it but this can also be a double-edged sword for your business reputation (online and sometimes offline).

In this ongoing coaching we find cases like people who handles not only the community management, but their content marketing strategy. Despite much effort and dedication, they are not getting the desired response. No engagement, no conversion, no traffic. Their followers have little interest in what they publish.

After an analysis of their tactics and strategies, we conclude in which points they were failing. Not only publish content, publish it for interest. And if you get the interest of your community, the rest is history.

These are the most common mistakes that prevent the Content Marketing from working effectively:


1. The content is not interesting for the audience. You’re creating content and that’s a big step forward, but the content you produce is what you “think” your community need and not what they necessarily want.

How you can fix it? Try to get as much information as you can about the members of your community. All social channels have some sort of analysis available, so use that information to create a profile of your community. The basic information is for age, gender, location and interests.

You already have it? Then designs a plan by creating and publishing content that is tailored made for your community. With real data it is very difficult to not be getting adequate results. Simply addressing the right content to the right audience.

2. a system of collection and sorting leads. If you do not have a system to collect, nurture and qualify of your leads, All the initiatives are a bottomless pit! Make sure the content you are distributing have a way to collect, in principle, the data of the person concerned for later use in a specific campaign, for example.

giphy (1)

3. The audience does not share the content posted. Invest effort in time / money by creating content and this is left floating in the digital world of static, no one replies. If you are not making the first mistake we mentioned, then most likely your content is not at all attractive.

Seeks to make interesting pieces of content such as videos, images, infographics etc., depending. If the information is interesting to your followers and community, they will want to share it.

4. There is no content distribution strategy. Do your publications are sporadic or very straight? Being so your followers will not know or what to expect or when, or what is worse, it will take your useful information as spam! If this happens it is likely to leave interest in what you publish.

I Fix it by first making a study of the most suitable channels for your publication, then determines how often you will publish and most importantly, know what type of content is most appropriate for each channel. If you’re an insurance company, for example, you can set it once a week by posting a help guide on a topic like health, what is the best insurance cover, so your readers know that every week they get useful information. Remember that when making a strategy, consistency is very important.


By performing this type of work like coaching and training is a way to share our passion for the digital world, so that the customer is willing to listen and correct their errors to get the right results. We operate only as a guide and live real time to help them meet their goals, based on your particular case.

In any case it does not matter much who run and who helps correct the course, working together in this digital world, as we are all still learning every day.



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