Top 4 best e-commerce software to start your online business



Building on the analysis of dozens of website creation software, we performed a selection of the most successful e-commerce software to create all kinds of online shops. You will find our summary showing the 4 software selected for their reliability and their ability to meet a variety of needs: Shopify, Opencart, Magento and Prestashop.




presta shop


open cart





The different analysis criteria chosen to compare software: quality and diversity of templates designs, ease of handling, functional depth, business model, etc.

1. Design

In terms of quantity, PrestaShop (over 2000 templates available) is far ahead of its competitors. On the quality, special mention for Shopify, which offers very neat and very elegant themes. Some solutions offer premium templates, usually better bill than the free (but not always!)

2. Getting started

All CMS that we have selected are characterized by their ease of handling and the intuitive nature of its interface. This is software designed specifically for people who have no special knowledge of computers programming. They are actually very fast to handle. Special mention perhaps for PrestaShop, but no software is very difficult to handle. The website set up is not an element to differentiate the many e-commerce solutions in this roundup because they are all quite easy to install.

3. Functionality

The 4 selected software are by definition “E-commerce oriented.” Concerning the e-commerce features, the 4 software are all worthy

4. SEO

SEO is very important criteria. SEO-Friendly or not an online store determines its ranking in search engines and therefore its visibility. Most of the selected software used to configure the pages for SEO, that is to say, to define for each page the Title, Meta description, keywords, etc. Shopify has the advantage of enabling a personalization of the URL. It should be noted, to qualify things, the opportunities in terms of SEO will always setting a more limited definition that if you use open source software.



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